The Cancer Immunity lab is recruiting!

The Cancer Immunity lab is recruiting!

We are looking for 2 motivated postdoctoral fellows to join our team! We aim to elucidate how immune circadian rhythms are coopted by cancer cells in lung cancer.

What this project (INN-TIME) is about…

Circadian rhythms (CRs) allow fundamental adaptations of organisms to a changing environment. We previously obsereved that innate immune cells regulate the circadian physiology of tissues, including the susceptibility of the lung to be metastasized (Fig.1). In INN-TIME, we will explore whether tumors take advantage of, and subvert, CRs of the innate (immune and stroma) compartments to escape anti-tumoral defense. We aim to understand how oncogenic processes rewire CRs of the host and to elucidate strategies that halt this subversion as a new approach to fight cancer.Circadian modulation of solid tumors

What we look for:

  • PhD in tumor immunology and/or cancer biology.
  • Experience with mouse genetics and tumor models is a must.
  • Candidates will be evaluated based on their scientific excellence (publication record), creative thinking, independence and expertise.
  • Research techniques: mouse genetics, molecular biology (CRISPR and functional genomics), flow cytometry, multiplex imaging, scRNAseq transcriptomics.
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking in English.

Who we are: a nice troup of immunologists and cancer researchers

More info about the project & our lab in here: -will-study-how-to-improvecancer- treatments-according-totime- of-day-in-a-project-fundedwith- 1-5-million-euros-by-theeuropean- research-council/

Send motivation, 3 reference letters & your CV to

Would you like to join our team?

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