Scientists committed to cancer research

In the laboratory, we aim to eradicate cancer by studying how immune cells stoprecognizing and eliminating tumoral cells. We are a group ofscientists whose ultimategoal is to end cancer.

Maria Casanova

María Casanova Acebes

“Myeloid freak, a fearless lab leader”.

Maria Nogales

Maria Nogales Pons

“Immunology is cool and I am an Immunologist”.

Monica Gomez

Mónica Gómez

“Crazy about the order in the lab and McGiver in my spare time”.

Mariola Munárriz

“Pamplona, the best city of the world”.

Eduardo Garvin

Eduardo Garvín Jiménez

“Ph.D. student in pursuit of improved immunotherapy for lung cancer, among other dreams”.

Alba Juan

Alba de Juan

“Madriz, Madriz, Madriz”.

Jan Hochstadt Martínez

“M of Mediterranean, macrophage, metastasis (and motomami, of course)”.

Sarai Martínez Pacheco

“Paraphrasing Star Wars: when science calls,
the chosen have no choice”.

David Cáceres Gallardo

David Cáceres Gallardo

“Question everything”.

You want to know our projects

A summary of the major ideas we are developing in the laboratory. Following the data as we follow myeloid cells, projects are dynamically evolving, so stay tuned for updates in the NEWS section.