Garvín Jiménez

“Ph.D. student in pursuit of improved immunotherapy for lung cancer, among other dreams”

A brief summary of my background, interests, and skills: After studying high school biology, I discovered the biotechnology career, and due to my academic record I was awarded an academic scholarship to study a double degree in biotechnology and pharmacy at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid (2016-2022). During this period at the university, I had the opportunity to take a course in molecular oncology, which confirmed my passion for oncology research and new immunotherapies, in addition, in the last year I was eligible for a final year internship at UCL (University College London) for 4 months before COVID-19 researching on Gene Therapy, due to this first professional research approach, I focused on the idea of doing a Ph.D. at the end of my degrees.

During the last two years of my degree, I was also involved in an extracurricular internship in the microenvironment and metastasis laboratory (Héctor Peinado PI) at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center, CNIO. During this time I was able to learn about the «premetastatic niche», and how microvesicles secreted by tumor cells have a direct impact on its development. Also to highlight my first publication in the world of immunology «Mast cells impair melanoma cell homing and metastasis by inhibiting HMGA1 secretion. Immunology, 2023.

Finally, after finishing the double degree, I decided to look for a project focused on the relationship between the immune system and cancer that could be inspiring for my Ph.D., and in the end, I was lucky enough to apply for a Ph.D. student position at the Cancer Immunity Laboratory of María Casanova-Acebes, belonging to the CNIO, where I am currently working on my Ph.D. thesis «Targeting macrophage-fibroblast crosstalk in non-small cell lung cancer as possible immunotherapy» where I explore fibroblast-macrophage communication in vivo models as a possible approach to achieve more effective immunotherapy in NSCLC.

After these amazing years jumping into the world of science, I have realized that luck is an attitude, those who work make their dreams come true, and after all, I am starting to fulfill one of mine, to investigate the lung cancer that affected my father when he was a child, as many other people are affected with poor clinical results.

For those who are still reading and are not bored: Not everything is to be a freak, I also have a life after lab, I love to play sports, like skiing and playing soccer in a federated team in Madrid, but above all, I love to travel and spend quality time with the people I love, EG.

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